Amirim – the vegetarian paradise for travelers in Israel

Amirim is a vegetarians travel paradise with an amazing view to the famous Sea of Galilee! Amirim was established in 1958 . A committed group of “nature freaks“, and Vegetarians settled on a rocky and exposed area, dwelling in small, standard structures. The habitants of Amirim live a natural vegetarian and vegan life-style. And the lifestyle is very strict: Barbecues and mangals are not allowed, and there are no meat, fish and fowl products in Amirim. Long years of patience, hard labour, and much investment brought Amirim to its present appearance.

Kineret view from amirim to Sea of Galilee

It’s important to notice that Amirim is not a city, nor town. It’s a so-called Moshav. A Moshav is a type of Israeli settlement, quite similar to kibbutzim. The difference between kibbutzim and Moshav is the emphasis on community labour. Nowadays around 150 families live in Amirim.

Travel to Amirim

Amirim boasts a typical Israeli mountain climate. By day the climate is drought and hot, and it gets chilly at night during the summer and in-between seasons. In the winter it gets cold and it can even snow. Amirim is located on a southern slope protected from northern winds by the hills of Mount Meron with  sun exposure mainly from the east and the south.

Hostels in Amirim – vegan accommodation in Israel

If you are looking for accommodation in Amirim, the Ohn-Bar Guesthouse is your place to be! “Ohn-Bar Guesthouse” is situated in Moshav of Amirim in the hills of Upper Galilee, facing the Sea of Galilee, and the Golan Heights. With its wooden cabins and wood suites you will face the brilliance of the dawn’s sunrise or evening’s glorious sunsets.
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Hostel Amirim - Ohn-Bar GuesthouseHave a seat at the sitting areas in the yard, and check out the climbing vines, playground and lounging corners to relax. The fruit trees at Ohn-Bar Guesthouse is a veritable Garden of Eden, include avocado, walnuts, almonds, plums, mango, persimmons, olives, lemons, pamelas, oranges, grapefruit, figs, grapevines, berries and more, plus an organic vegetable garden. The rear units enjoy patios offering seclusion and shade.

What to do in Amirim

Backpacking Amirim, the vegetarians paradiseOne can hike around Amirim in the natural wooded area and on the marked forest footpaths – the reception of Ohn-Bar Guesthouse will be happy to direct you to the routes leading out of Amirim. The village Amirim is located at a central spot in the Galilee. Within 20 minutes to half an hour you can get to the shores of the Kinneret or the Golan Heights to the east, to the reservation at Mt. Miron and to a circular route at its peak, to Safed with its ancient alleys to the north, and to Acre and its antiquities to the west.

There are three enchanting streams near Amirim – Nahal Amud, Nahal Farod and Nahal Tsalmon. The area abounds with holy graves of the Sages, vineyards, many oriental restaurants, a horseback riding facility, mini-tractors, museums, galleries, and many artists and unique characters!

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Organized tours in Amirim for travelers

There are indeed tours in and around Amirim which you can and which you should join! In Amirim there are several Jeep Tours around the Golan Heights. Ask at the Hostel Reception of Ohn-Bar Guesthouse for more detailed information. All tours can be organized daily.

How to get to Amirim

You can get to Amirim by Buses, train and car. And it’s quite simple. It is recommended you to take public transportation as it is more economical, and less dangerous as well.

How to get to Amirim - Transport to Amirim

To get to Amirim by bus

If your are coming from the western cities Haifa or Safed, you can take the bus number 361, and the number 501. The bus to Amirim is approximately leaving every 30-45 minutes. In case you are coming from Jerusalem to Amirim you can take a direct bus to Amirim. The bus number 982 from Jerusalem leaves for Safed every two hours. In case the bus driver will not leave you off in Amirim, you should get off at Meron Junction. Here you can switch to Bus number 361 to go back to Amirim. It just takes 5 minutes. But make sure the bus driver knows that you want to get off in Amirim. It won’t be a problem.

By Train

There are regular trains to Amirim from Tel-Aviv and Be’er Sheva. Get off in the city of Haifa or Acre and take bus number 361 or the bus number 501 to Amirim.

By car and by bike

In case you are coming to Amirim by car you can get there by Acre-Amiad Road #85, in the direction to Hananya Intersection (Jct. 1). After that you have to take the Road #866 to Safed. In just 5 kilometres you will reach Amirim.

Amirim at a Glance

  • Amirim was founded in 1958 by vegetarians
  • Habitants of Amirim are vegetarians/ vegans
  • around 150 families live in Amirim
  • located 650m above sea level with a view to the Sea of Galilee
  • With public transportation it’s comfortable to get to Amirim
  • Remember: on Fridays and Saturdays it’s very tough to travel in Israel.

Impressions around Golan Heights and Sea of Galilee

Last but not least the Backpackers Samuel & Audrey created a video with impressions about Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee. They joined a tour and discovered this area. Check out their travel video!

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