6 Tips for Green Traveling – Eco-friendly and Responsible Backpacking

Link Corner Hostel in Bangkok enjoying the Hostel LoungeTraveling green and being an eco-friendly backpacker is important and can be easily achieved through a few simple precautions. And of course, backpacking is a great way to see the world, but even though countries are eager to share their history and culture with visitors they are also weary of the trash that travellers leave behind. Besides the litter backpackers also tend to leave a larger-than-necessary carbon footprint through their energy consumption. Gomio collected 6 simple tips for green traveling and eco-friendly backpacking. Let’s get started!

Water Bottles and a Reusable Bag

Green Backpacking - Water Bottles and a Reusable BagBy carrying an aluminium water bottle and a reusable bag you eliminate the need for their plastic alternatives. When clean tap water is available, make sure to fill your water bottle up. It will not only reduce waste but also it will save you money! By bringing a simple, reusable bag with you, you avoid having to use plastic bags that they give you at shops and supermarkets. It can also double as a beach bag, a picnic bag, and practically it cannot get broken. There are a lot of tiny, light, reusable bags out there you can bring with you. Other than that, you can also consider a small backpack when walking around the city. This way you can bring your food, drinks, maps and so on. But for sure, you may look like a tourist if you over-do it. Just try to figure out your alternatives and see what you can do to reduce your use of non-eco-friendly plastic bags and bottles.

Use Public Transportation

Instead of hoping in a cab when trying to find a location, try using public transportation. Even better, you can walk or rent a bike. This option is highly recommended not only because it is the most eco-friendly but also because it is a good way to see the city you are in and maybe find places that you would have otherwise missed.

Using Public Transport - Eco-Friendly Traveling
This photo was taken in Barcelona, Spain.

Washing Machines at Hostels

Many hostels have washing machines for their weary guests. Make sure you have a full load before you wash your clothes. If you don’t than consider putting your clothes with other travellers clothes to reduce the amount that the washing machine is used, and energy. Furthermore, there are a lot of Ecohostels out there specialized on eco-friendly travels. Read more about eco-friendly hostels here.

Green Traveler - using the washing machine at Clink78 Hostel in London
This photo was taken at Clink78 Hostel in London, England.

Less Maps, Less Trash

One of the first things you do when you come into a new city is you get a map and some brochures. Make sure to take as minimal of these maps and brochures as you can. Share one map between multiple people and look at the brochures while you are at your hostel and then put them back instead of taking them with you. If your map is in good condition you can pass it on to a new person in your hostel once you are done. Maybe you have even marked some cool places to check out. Your fellow travelers will appreciate this as well!

Green Traveling in a Smart Way, sse less maps, produce Less trash

Use Book Exchange at your Hostel

Green Traveler enjoying a book at Ondaroad Beach Hostel in Calabria, ItalyDid you know that most of the hostels offer a book exchange? Leave a book you’ve already read and take another one. This way you participate in a process of book exchanging, done by travelers and people from around the world. Read more about book exchanges at Hostels here.

Photo by OndArOaD Beach Hostel in Calabria, Italy.





Act responsible

Make sure to not only stay environmentally friendly during your travels but also stay respectful to your host country by following these few simple tips! And actually, you can adapt those tips as well to your home. Recycle, reuse, and act in a smart way before you throw away things, it may be useful for other people. Book through Gomio to find some of the best deals around and also to find cheap, green hostels!

Last but no least: Easy Eco Friendly Shopping Tips

This simple video shows how to go Shopping in an eco-friendly way. You will find some great, simple tips on how to live in a green way. It explains all steps and some basic ideas on how to compare products in a green way. Are these products tested on any animals? Do these products contain any chemicals? Check out this video to learn how to pay attention to those green details.

Summary for Green Eco Traveling

1. Bring water bottles made of aluminium
2. Use Reusable bags, reduce plastic trash
3. Use Public Transportation
4. Use washing machines when you have a full load
5. Use less maps, brochures and information as you can
6. Exchange your travel books at the Hostel Book Exchange

What’s your tip for Green Traveling?

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