5 Things to Do While You’re Still Young

Whether or not you think that you’ll “settle down” one day, there are certain experiences that just simply aren’t possible at every age. So don’t forget to live your youth to the fullest, and don’t miss out on some of our best things to do while you’re still in some of the best years of your life:

Crazy Volcano Sport

 1. Experience College Life

While the frustration of exams and book costs may have you ready to hurl yourself out of the classroom and into the real world, don’t run so fast. Sure you can take classes when you’re older, but you won’t be able to make new friends in the dorms or go to wild college parties when you’re fifty. Not only will a university degree prevent you from getting stuck flipping burgers at McDonalds for the rest of your life, but higher education will expand your knowledge about the world, will introduce you to new social experiences, and help you discover what it is that you really want to do in life. Not to mention it will sharpen your beer pong skills.

And if you have the opportunity, make sure that you study abroad and learn a new language!

Whether it’s through Erasmus, a student exchange program, or an internship or study abroad program, university students have the most support and incentive to combine travel and study for a life changing opportunity. The photo below shows the Hostel Pura Vida Hostel in Tamardino, Costa Rica.

Experience College Life - stuy abroad and learn a new language

2. Backpack the world and stay in Hostels

Even if you are still in good enough shape to backpack, showing up at a hostel when you’re ninety just isn’t going to cut it.  Regardless, the earlier you start traveling, the better. It’s important to travel while you’re young because your future is still malleable and free, and, as most of us who have traveled already know, the first time you go abroad is likely to transform your perspective of yourself, your outlook of the world, and may have you changing directions for your future. In addition, staying in hostels is a unique experience for young travelers to meet other young, like-minded people from all over the world. Read our 10 Reasons why to stay at Hostels here!

Open your mind and educate yourself  by learning about cultures, languages, meeting people and sharing experiences!

The World is a Book and I will read it!

3. Go to a Music Festival

There is nothing quite like the characters or atmosphere you encounter at a music festival. It’s almost like being in your own, separate society where anything goes and bizarre costumes, die-hard fans, hippies, and drugs romp free. Whether you prefer chill acoustic tunes to jam out to during the day, electronic music to rave to through the night, or even if you’re just there to enjoy the good vibes drinking and having a good time, every young person must experience for themselves the energy, freedom, crazy crowds, and ridiculous stories made by music festivals. If you can, try a music festival with camping to experience a true, full-on weekend of the “festy life”. Read more about Hostels and Festivals here.

Festivals? Hostels? Some people might say the atmosphere is the same!

Join a Festival - get live music, and enjoy the festival atmosphere

4. Try an Extreme Sport

Sky diving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, cliff jumping, cave diving, hang gliding, rock climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, marathons, triathlons, or even participating in the Warrior Dash are all possibilities to try for extreme sports. Why should you try one while you’re young? Because extreme sports get you adrenaline moving, make you feel more alive, and force you to take some risks, face your fears, and seize the day! Plus you might not want to wait until you’re older when you’re more prone to having a heart attack. The photo below was taken at Hostel Bamboo in Nadi, Fiji.

Get out of your comfort zone and face your fears!

Fiji hostel backpacker climbing up a tree

5. Be Irresponsible

By irresponsible we don’t mean go steal a car and get put in prison, but make sure to let yourself live a little.  The responsibilities you have now (e.g. homework, working at the pizza joint downtown) are hardly substantial compared to the responsibilities of a family, house, or career that you might have later. So party with your friends, half-ass your history essay to go dancing, have a bonfire on the beach, stay up all night to watch the sunrise, hitchhike, go skinny dipping, spend some of your savings on spontaneous road trips, get pierced or tattooedget into shenanigans! Right now you have the excuse of being “the young and the reckless,” so live up to the title before it’s too late! This photo was taken at a Party at the Five Elements Hostel in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Hostel Party in Frankfurt - Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

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