15 Facts why to stay in Hostels

There are many reasons why to stay in Hostels. And even the fact that hostels are usually cheaper is obviously important, it is not at all the reason #1 why to stay in Hostels. Check out our Top 15 Facts why to stay in Hostels! You will be surprised on how many ways you can save money, travel in a responsible and sustainable matter, and what you can experience. Let’s get started:

#15 Get your laundry done for a fair price

Get your laundry done for a fair price - Urbany BCN Go Hostel BarcelonaIt is a huge advantage if you can get done your laundry at your hostel! The costs for doing a laundry highly depends on the destination. And sometimes even the hostel staff will do the laundry for you. When you are traveling the world, you are looking to get your clothes clean – this is necessary once in a while. And isn’t it more comfortable to get this done at your hostel? And meanwhile you are waiting for your laundry, you can meet other travelers, or plan what to do explore in your destination! The photo shows Urbany BCN GO in Barcelona, Spain.

#14 Design, Party, Laid-back – several hostel types

Hostel Types: Design Hostels, Party Hostels, Laid-Back HostelsAre you more into design, or do you prefer an easy-going chill-out hostel? There are family hostel, gay-friendly hostels, party hostels, luxury design hostels…there are many different types of hostels. But this is what makes hostels special! Stay tuned for our Blog Post about different types of hostels!

#13 Traveling green and Eco-Friendly feels good

The Green Backpackers Hostels in Mitzpe Ramontel is an eco-friendly hostel in IsraelOkay, it’s fair enough to say not every hostels is Eco-friendly. But indeed, there are a lot of Hostels out there recycling, using energy-saving technology, and renewable energy. The Green Backpackers in Negev, Israel reuses for instance old bottle for their tables, old skateboards as racks, and VHS cassettes as picture frames. Doesn’t this sound cool?

#12 Private Rooms at Hostels are also cool

So Cool Hostel Porto - private rooms and social hostel atmosphereIf you are traveling in a couple, or you just want to have your privacy for whatever reason: No problem! Most hostels offer private rooms! You can even get a full “private” dorm for your small group – mention this in your hostel booking or contact the Gomio Team. In this way you are getting your privacy AND you can enjoy the awesomeness of hostels! At So Cool Hostel in Porto you can get a sweet designed private room from 46€.

#11 Organized tours with hostel mates

Ring Hostel in Ischia organizes Tours for Hostel Travelers in IschiaIsn’t it more fun to join a tour with people from your own hostel and other hostels? Staying at a hostel shows a certain lifestyle like openness, curiosity, flexibility…. The Ring Hostel in Ischia, Italy organizes for you several tours, such as Capri Day Trip, Boat Tour, and Wine Tasting Tour. Hostel tours are usually cheaper, more social, and more fun than external tour operators plus at the end of the day you can hit the road with your new friends, who are also staying at your hostel.

#10 Integrated Hostel Bars

All In Hostel Berlin - Why hostels Integrated-Bars-All-in-Hostel-BerlinStart your night at the hostel Bar! Connect with your fellow travelers via Godashboard and meet up at the hostel bar, like the one at All In Hostel in Berlin! Have a beverage to start the social travel experience, and discover the night-life together with your new hostel friends. Prost!

#9 The Hostel Staff is cool

Hostel Staff of 3 Bros Hostel knows everything about Ciezsyn, challenge them!Hostel worker are very often experienced traveler by themselves. Some wanderlust-infected people also decided to run their own hostel. So for instance did the owners of the 3 Bros Hostel in Cieszyn, Poland. The Hostel staff has the best traveler tips what to discover, where to eat, and more more more.

#8 Free WIFI – yes, important!

Ville Sarajevo Free Wifi at Hostels is important for the modern travelerOkay, it’s fair enough to say it’s way more fun for everybody to have people participating on the social part at hostels instead of staring at a screen. And especially at a hostel you shouldn’t waste your time on the internet. But free WIFI is anyway an important part of the hostel traveling. Modern traveler book their hostel in advance, or maybe just want to check updates on transport schedules. Most of hostels offer free WIFI, so does Hostel Ville in Sarajevo.

#7 Cool social Lounge to meet travelers

Barnacles Quay Street Hostel in Galway offers you a social hostel lounge!Do you like to play foosball, or play some board games? Lounges at Hostels offer you everything to spend endless nights and meet your hostel mates. Usually there’s a comfortable couch, a decent book-exchange shelf, and some cool design elements like a huge world map on the wall. In a nutshell: A Hostel Lounge is your living room! Get comfortable, meet up, and enjoy the hostel atmosphere! The hostel lounge at Barnacles Quay Street House in Galway, Ireland even has a fireplace.

#6 Epic Hostel Events

Hostel Events at Condors House in Lima, PeruThere are even a lot of events around hostels. Have you ever stayed at a Hostel during Halloween or maybe Christmas? Another authentic travel experience! At Condor’s House in Lima, Peru they organize hostel concerts by local bands. Those hostel events are also a great way to meet locals. What else do you need?

#5 You can cook your own food – Public Kitchen

Abraham Hostel offers cooking classes for their travelers - another reason to stay at HostelsEating every day at Restaurants can be expensive – and who really wants to spend that money every day? Use the public kitchen at hostels! Cooking is also a great conversation starter. Also, at a lot of hostels you can join several cooking classes – another advantage. A great example is the Abraham Hostels in Jerusalem where you can join their cooking classes and shabbat dinners.

#4 Unique styles – Creative, Funny, Crazy

Please Clean your Dishes at HostelsThere are so many creative and funny details around hostels, like signs, lamps, keys, and way more which always make you smile. The Lollis Homestay in Dresden, Germany says for instance “Please clean your dishes. Otherwise we will play Hannah Montana, Nana, Mouskouri, or Roberto Blanco the whole day long!!! You don’t know them – you should be glad!”. This uniqueness at Hostels is an important part. Plus all those details are – most of the time – created by the people from the hostel such as manager, owner, staff. All those facts lead to our main three reasons why Hostels are outstanding and an awesome way to experience the world.

Check out the most important 3 Facts why to stay at Hostels!

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