12 Social Games at Hostels – Fun 4 Backpacker and Travelers

Whether you’re pre-gaming before a night out on the town or have some time to simmer down and recuperate between travel escapades, social games at hostels are a fun way to pass the time, but more importantly, to break the ice between backpackers!  You don’t need to have top-notch social skills to be able to challenge a hostel roomie to a game of foosball or to ask that hot-Brazilian-backpacker to be on your beer pong team.

Check out these game ideas from hostels that know how to get the social juices mixing, and let the games begin!

1. Foosball and Poker

Social Games - Foosball at the R Hostel in Kaunas, Lithuania

Oh Foosball, the great international pastime.  Always a strangely addictive game to make bets with friends, make a fool of yourself while flailing the small plastic players around the table, and get progressively intense as you try to control the goalie with one hand, and drink a beer with the other.

At the R Hostel in Kaunas, Lithuania, fans can get their fix on the hostel’s professional Garlando Foosball table. We know you want to show-off your mad Foosball skills, but remember to use this opportunity to ask other backpackers to join your team as well, and aim to bring six new people to the table.  Moreover, make sure you each try your hand at challenging the Reception Guy. If you win, you get free beer. If you win twice, you get a free stay.  This puts a whole new competitive edge to the game…

When you’re not playing Foosball, participate in one of the hostel poker nights, or pull out one of the chess, checkers, jenga, or other table games to play on the rooftop terrace – the only budget accommodation in Lithuania to have one! Check out all Hostels in Kaunas here.

2. Pool Tables at Generator Hostel Dublin

Social Games in Dublin - Play Pool at Generator Hostel in Dublin, IrelandThere is always something going on at Generator Hostel in Dublin, Ireland.  From drinking games at theme parties, to DJs, quizzes, and movie nights, you won’t be bored when you’re not out exploring, and you won’t find it difficult to meet other people in the party atmosphere.

But after you watch your favorite film in their in-house cinema, challenge the person sitting a few seats down from you to one of their pool competitions.  Get the balls rolling, as well as the conversation!

3. Poker nights and pub quizzes

Lucky D's Hostel in San Diego, California

When you’re not arguing over the rules (Is it on the table, behind-the-back? Island cup? Same-cup, take three?) playing beer pong at one of Lucky D’s Hostel beer pong tournaments is always a win-win situation. If you win, you’re the hostel champion. If you lose, you get drunk. And it’s actually more of a win-win-win situation since both teams bond with other backpackers over the common love and sport of beer. But don’t stop there, the night is young! Drink on at Lucky D’s Hostel poker nights, pub quizzes, or over a game of Foosball. The Lucky D’s Hostel in San Diego is a place to be for backpackers experiencing San Diego.

If you’re not too hung over the next morning, take advantage of the California sunshine and take the short walk over to Balboa Park where you can find both a golf course and Frisbee golf course to play.  Or recruit some other backpackers to take a bus to the beach and start a game of beach volleyball or horseshoes.

4. “The Usual Games” – Twister, Monopoly, and more

Mama Simona Hostel in Cusco - Cheap Hostels

In general, backpackers should know that almost every hostel, including CabanaCopa Hostel in Rio de Janeiro, and the Mama Simona in Cusco (photo), will have “the usual games” that include chess, checkers, and cards.  So you may be wondering why these games are so common.  Does it mean that every traveler has some intrinsic, dying urge to play cards when they’re in a new country?

Of course not, it’s because these games represent a vehicle for the “hostel culture” that encourages meeting new people, sharing experiences with others, and creating a sense of community and commonality despite cultural differences.  So even if you’re not an avid checkers player, you may still find value in sitting down for a game or two with another backpacker. Sometimes it’s the small gestures that count, and may lead to greater connections. Find and book all Hostels in Cusco, Peru here.

5. Ping-Pong Table

Do you like playing Ping Pong/ table-tennis? The Villa Hostel Nice Beach offers you this and much more! From a own bar, a 2-min-location from the beach, and everything like breakfast and towels, sheets included, this budget accommodation in Nice even thought about all ping-pong fans. Find all hostels in Nice here.

Villa Hostel Nice Beach, France

6. Beer Pong – Alcohol and Party

The Yak in Playa del Carmen will rock your party-world! Beside tours, beach location, and an amazing atmosphere, backpackers make each other drink a lot! Join the beer pong games at this budget accommodation in Playa del Carmen and win against your room mates! Maybe you will celebrate as much as the backpacker on the photo? Find more Top Hostels in Playa del Carmen here. If you are into party hostels, check out our post about Parties and Alcohol at Hostels.

Alcohol Games at Hostel - Drink Games and Party

7. Show some Balance with Slackline

People do it in the park, at the beach, in the garden…basically anywhere you can put a line between two posts. Have you ever tried slackline? It might look easy, can you keep your balance? Test your slackline-skills at 3Dogs Hostel São Paulo in Brazil.

Slackline at Hostels in Sao Paolo

8. Mini-Foosball

Somehow you need less power and more discretion and elegance to play successful mini-foosball! You can give it a try at Soul Kitchen Junior in Saint Petersburg.

Mini Foosball at Hostels - Saint Petersburg

9. Golf – be Tiger Woods at Hostels

No kidding, there is Golf at Hostels. And no, we do not mean any virtual Golf, therefore you have to check the next social game #10! Improve your golf handicap at the 3 Bros Hostel Cieszyn, they have a small mini-golf waiting for you. Okay, fair enough to say it’s small, but still fun and nobody gets hurt – in theory at least!

Tiger Woods at Hostels - Improve your Golf handicap

10. Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii at Retro Hostel in PoznanIt’s the only digital game in this post, but there is a reason for that! How about some virtual boxing against your new backpacker friend, or some virtual golf? The Nintendo Wii has a lot to offer on activity games and it can be a lot of fun for you and your room mates. You can find a Nintendo Wii at the Retro Hostel in Poznan, Poland.

11. Chess – get the King down!

Don’t loose the queen and get the king down! Chess can be a relaxing game for some people, for other it’s just annoying stress. Do you like it? Win your next chess game at HM Hostel in Moscow.

Chess at HM Hostel Moscow

12. Playing Dart – throwing small missiles

Maybe not the best social game to play after a couple of beers, but a good starting point. You can play some dart at the X Hostel Bucharest in Romania.

X Hostel Bucharest - Party and Dart Games

What social games at Hostels do you love?

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