12 Cheapest European Winter Destinations for Backpackers

The winter in Europe is a great time for traveling and discovering the European Countries. The prices for beds in Hostels in winter are very cheap! Pack your backpack to spend some days at the other end of Europe and pay half of the price you would pay during summer season!

Hostels - The 12 Cheapest European Winter Destinations

And there are a lot of beautiful places to see during winter! You can enjoy a long beach walk in Barcelona, eat some Bacalhau in Lisbon, or enjoy a hot “Glühwein” (typical beverage in North Europe during Christmas time) at the famous Christmas Markets in Berlin. Gomio presents you the 12 cheapest and most beautiful European Cities to save money on Hostels, and to enjoy the time in a comfortable and interesting way. Let’s start with Cheapest Destination Number 12: Paris!

12. Paris from 14,50€

You can’t stay cheaper in Paris than during (this) winter! Paris is actually one of the most expensive cities in the world. But during this time of the year you have the chance to stay in Paris for a cheap price. And the city of love is not just a romantic destination for couples! With an average of 3 degrees it’s not freezing cold like the north, but you may wanna think about bringing an umbrella.

Info Box Paris:

Find Hostels in Paris from 14,50€

Weather in Paris during Winter: 3°C/ 37°F

Hostels in Paris - the romantic winter destination

Thanks for the photo to Urbantravelblog.com. Find their cool Travel Guide to Paris here at Urbantravelblog.com/guide/paris

11. Amsterdam from 14€

The “grachten” are partly frozen and you can hear the floating ice sheet breaking when the boats are passing trough. Anyhow, this is the chance for you to experience Amsterdam for a cheap price! It has never been cheaper before staying at a Hostel in Amsterdam. Hurry up!

Info Box Amsterdam:

Cheapest Hostels in Amsterdam from 14€

Weather in Amsterdam during Winter: 0-3°C/ 37°F

Hostels in Amsterdam - a cheap winter destination for backpackers

Thanks for the photo to SocialTraveler.net

10. London from 13€

London is not the typical summer destination anyway, but it’s still very popular around backpackers and travelers. It’s actually one of the most expensive destination in the world, but when it comes to the coldest time of year you will save a lot of money on the accommodation part! And if you are lucky you can even see “London in white”. Important: Bring your umbrella and your gloves!

Info Box London:

Book Hostels in London from 13€ with Gomio

Weather in London during Winter: 5°C/ 40°F

London and its snow - a top winter destination

Thanks for the photo to Smallcrazy.com. Find her fun story about “London Snow 2013 – Regent’s Park” here at smallcrazy.com

9. Dublin from 9€

Top Winter Destination Dublin - The perfect place for Backpackers during WinterIt’s cold in Dublin and being close to the sea means it feels even colder. Have a walk around Dublin and then experience the famous pubs around Dublin. Get to know the “pub-culture” with all its live music, all kinds of delicious beers, and the friendly atmosphere. Maybe you also try to dance? Anyhow: Cheers!

Thanks for the photo to Barnacles Temple Bar in Dublin.




Info Box Dublin:

Hostels in Dublin from 9€

Weather in Dublin during Winter: 5°C/ 41°F

8. Saint Petersburg from 8,50€

This is our coldest top (eurasian) winter destinations for backpackers: Saint Petersburg! Oh boy, pack your long johns, your gloves, your hat or maybe three. After you walked around the old town of Saint Petersburg and you just want to relax, Gomio recommends to have a hot cup of tea and to join the warm hostel lounge! And by the way… in 1883 the winter minimum temperature of −35.9 °C (−32.6 °F) was recorded.

Info Box Saint Petersburg:

Find Hostels in St Petersburg from 8,50€

Weather in Saint Petersburg during Winter: -6°C/ 22°F

Hostels in Saint Petersburg, the coldest Top Winter Destination for Backpackers

7. Vilnius, Lithuania from 8€

The European Capital of Culture in 2009 is also a cheap destination. Beside visiting the Old Town (Senamiestis) you can spend plenty of time inside building without getting bored at all. There are dozens of museum and churches to visit in Vilnius.

Info Box Vilnius:

Compare Hostels in Vilnius from 8€

Weather in Vilnius during Winter: -5°C/ 23°F

6. Lisbon from 7€

Another south European Top destination is Lisbon. The city is known for it’s contemporary culture and beauty, and it is one of the destinations with the best hostels in the world. The sky is cloudless, the sun is shining, and the hostel prices are cheap. This is the perfect combination for a Top European winter destination!

Info Box Lisbon:

Top Hostels in Lisbon from 7€

Weather in Lisbon during Winter: 11°C/ 52°F

Hostels in Lisbon - Top Winter Destination

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5. Berlin from 6,50€

Berlin has its own special winter feeling. It’s freezing, and your boots may get wet from all the snow. Gomio recommends to have a cup of tea or coffee every now and then inside a café. Discover some cool, bohemian cafés in Berlin. Especially a walk along the Sonnenallee, the river of Spree, and the Reichstags building (German parliament) is recommended. And for sure, try to get to the district of Prenzlauer Berg to have a German beer.

Info Box Berlin:

Coolest Hostels in Berlin from 6,50€ on Gomio.com

Weather in Berlin during Winter: 0°C/ 32°F

Hostels in Berlin - Top Winter Destination

4. Barcelona from 6€

Staying cheaper is impossible! It is the first time the prices for Hostels in Barcelona are that cheap, that you have to take advantage of this! The weather in the city at the Mediterranean Sea is warm (15°C), sunny, and cloudless. During the day you can even walk around in a T-Shirt. But be aware that this just counts for being in the sun, and particular not for the night! Barcelona is less crowded during “invierno”, and you will appreciate the huge difference walking almost “alone” through the old streets of Barcino.

Info Box Barcelona:

Hostels in Barcelona from 6€

Weather in Barcelona during Winter: 14°C/ 59°F (day) – 4°C/ 41°F (night)

Winter Destination Barcelona - Cheap Hostels and sunny weather

3. Krakow from 6€

Winter in Krakow always means being under a blanket of snow with freezing cold days. When visiting Krakow, make sure you try the cold-winter treats like Christmas gingerbread. Especially visiting the main square at night is a beautiful experience, when Krakow is lightened up with Christmas and New Years Eve lights. Don’t forget to pack a long warm coat, a good pair of snow boots with tread, and finally a hat, gloves, and scarf – you will need it!

Info Box Krakow:

Hostels in Krakow from 6€

Weather in Krakow during Winter: 0°C/ 32°F

Krakow, Poland is a Top Winter destination for Backpackers

2. Bucharest – Hostels from 3€

The City of Bucharest is labeled as “Paris of the East“, and naturally it is even cheaper than the real Paris. Bucharest is still an undiscovered and underestimated destination. It’s cold, it’s freezing, and there will be absolutely (alright…almost) no tourists! And why do you think people call it “Paris of the East”?

Info Box Bucharest:

Hostels in Bucharest from 3€

Weather in Bucharest during Winter: -2°C/ 29°F

Hostels in Bucharest, a cheap winter destination

Thanks for the photo to Hostel Little Bucharest Old Town.

1. Prague – Hostels from 2,50€

The weather is cold, the wine is hot, the hostels are cheap! During the Christmas time the city is lightened up by the Christmas Markets (vánoční trhy). The two main Christmas Markets in Prague are at held at the Old Town Square, close to the Charles Bridge, and the Wenceslas Square, right in the city center and old town of Prague. Since centuries Prague is also known as “The golden city of one hundred spires“. Walk around the romantic city of Prague, and discover the cold winter destination Prague. In case you want to join a guided tour through Prague, Gomio recommends to ask at your hostel reception. Here you will get the right direction to the local partners for free guided tours.

Info Box Prague:

Hostels in Prague from 2,50€

Weather in Prague during Winter: -3°C/ 28°F

Cheap Prague Hostels from 2,72€ - Top Winter Destination

Summary 12 cheapest Winter Destinations

  • There are several winter destinations in Europe from -6° to 14°
  • Cheapest hostel prices for budget travelers
  • Depending on destination an umbrella and warm boots are a must

Depending on which place in Europe you call home the weather can be really tough. But what does tough mean? Maybe it is rainy all day long, or you are freezing? Or maybe you are looking forward to a decent snowball fight, but there will be no snow in your town.

You can change the situation easily by your own plus getting to know other parts of Europe during winter! Take the chance and travel during the coldest time of the year to a cheap European Backpacker Destination! You will be surprised how much money you can save, and especially how different several destination look like during winter!

What is your favourite winter destination?


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