10 Awesome types of bunk beds at Hostels by design

Bunk Beds at Hostels can be a very unique design item. There is a certain joy that comes with sleeping in a bunkbed as an adult. It brings us back to our childhood when two beds connected by a ladder were the most exciting thing our little minds could ever imagine. The crazier the bunk bed, the better. Relive your childhood, or school trip experience with a few of these creative bunk beds at 10 Top Hostels.

1. The “Own Little Niche” – BunkBed

At Hello Hostel in St. Petersburg you can forget about the ladder, because here you get your own stairs! And where do these stairs lead to, you ask? They lead to a small loft where you and one more companion have your own little niche. It almost feels like you are in a tree house!
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Cheap Hostels St. Petersburg - Hello Hostel

2. The Tree House Bunk Bed

Speaking of tree houses, you should definitely check out Hostel Tribo da Praia Peniche if you need a place to stay while in Peniche, Portugal. Here the bunk beds are held up with fake trees, giving the beds a rugged yet stylish appeal. It also helps keep the room feeling overall pretty cozy.
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Tribo da Praia Hostel in Peniche

3. The Three-Levels Bunk Bed

At 3 Bros Hostel in Cieszyn, Poland you can actually fit three bros in a single bunk bed. This is because they have bunk beds that have three beds stacked on top of each other. And if you feel like getting extra cozy with one of your mates, than you can fit a fourth bro in the bottom bed, which is almost twice as large as the other beds!
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Three-Level Bunk Bed at 3 Bros Hostel Cieszyn

4. The Spaceship Bunk Bed

Design Hostel Golly and Bossy in Split, Croatia is a sleek and chic hostel that has only three colors: black, white, and yellow. The design is electrifying and as you crawl in to your ultramodern looking bunk bed you may think “Am I in a hostel or in some super awesome spaceship?”
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Hostel in Split - Design Hostel Golly & Bossy Split, Croatia

5. Tall-Taller-Bunk Bed

At Equity Point Gothic in Barcelona you will experience a simple bunk bed system: bunk beds are taller than usually, and provide more space. The dorms are focused on being “just” the sleeping area, whereat the lounge, and the spacy terrace is the spot to meet travelers. Plus travelers on the bottom won’t bang one’s head on the bunk bed anymore.

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Equity Point Gothic in Barcelona

6. The Cinema BunkBed

At Lollis Homestay every single room is designed by a local artist from Dresden. The Cinema Dorm includes a kind of Cinema Bunk bed.

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Lollis Homestay in Dresden - Creative Bunkbed at Hostels

7. The Jelly beans Bunk Beds

Somehow like a candy-land. The Chillout Hostel in Zagreb loves colors, and designed their rooms equally. Some rooms are designed consistently in one color, other dorms are kept in several colors.

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Chill Out Hostel in Zagreb - Cheap Accommodation Zagreb

8. Privacy Bunk Bed with plug socket and light

The new “privacy pods“-type of bunk beds help your stay in a Hostel to be even more comfortable! The exclusively-designed privacy pods provide screening from roommates, noise and light. They feature a shelf, bed light and outlet so you can catch up on your reading or emails in comfort and privacy. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Modern Bunk bed with slug pocket and lights at USA Hostels Hollywood

9. Flake Board Bunk Beds

The bunk beds at Homeplus Hostel Budapest are designed out of Flake Boards. A simple and effective way. Combined with parquet flooring and warmly colored walls, the atmosphere is welcoming, and modern.

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Flake Board Bunk Beds at Homeplus Hostel in Budapest, Hungary

10. Privacy curtain Bunk Bed

The easiest way to maximize privacy is to have the fewest people in your room. At Urban Hostel and Apartment Skopje there is a maximum of only two bunk beds (four people) in each room. Each bunk bed also has a thick privacy curtain to block out any unwanted noise or eyes.

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Urban Hostel & Apartments Skopje, Macedonia

Summary Bunkbeds at Hostels

Bunk beds are definitely a blast from the past that can easily be re-lived when you book any of these rooms/ dorms/ beds. Bunk Beds are an essential part of hostel travel. But be aware there are also many hostels out there without any bunk beds, but dorms – they just keep for instance simple single beds in a shared room.

As always, the interior design of Hostels brings the local, authentic feeling of the city into the hostel. The Bunk beds design is one of those design items at hostels. Enjoy them!

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