10 awesome Hostels on Instagram

Instagram is such an easy tool to upload cool old-fashioned photos to Twitter, Facebook, and well, Instagram itself. We collected 10 awesome Hostels on Instagram presenting their Hostel atmosphere, parties, and more in a cool, fresh, polaroid-filtered way. Have fun!

1. Volver Hostel Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria is famous for his easy-going atmosphere, so is Volver Hostel Gran Canaria. Enjoy the roof top terrace areas with its spectacular views to the beautiful bay and marina of south-west Gran Canaria. Follow Volver Hostel on Instagram here.Volver Hostel Gran Canaria, awesome Hostels on Instagram

2. Goodmorning Hostel Lisbon, Portugal

Get fun impressions around the Goodmorning Hostel in Lisbon and the city of Lisbon. A great overview of hostel travellers cooking dinner, playing guitar, and enjoying the hostel atmosphere. Follow Goodmorning Hostel on Instagram here.

Goodmorning Lisbon Hostel - awesome hostels on instagram

3. BA Stop Hostel Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sleeping, reading, having a drink at the hostel bar: BA Stop is a comfortable spot to rest in Buenos Aires, and that’s what they proof to all their guests! Follow BA Stop on Instagram here.

BA Stop Hostel in Buenos Aires - awesome Hostels on Instagram

4. Hostel of the Sun Naples, Italy

The focus is clearly on the fun part of hostels! Join the events, get a moustache, have a rest in the hostel lounge – Hostel of the Sun in Naples is your comfortable hostel place in Naples! Follow Hostel of the Sun Naples on Instagram here.

Hostel of the sun in Naples, awesome hostels on instagram

5. Hostel Nucapacha Guayaquil, Ecuador

If a hostel is cool – in their unique way – , uploading great hostel photos is not a big deal. Hostel Nucapacha in Guayaquil presents their outdoor swimming pool, their interior design, relaxing guests, and superman plus superwoman! And always remember: Little by little one travels far. Follow Hostel Nucapacha on Instagram here.

Hostel Nucapacha Guayaquil, Ecuador on Instagram

6. The Yellow Rome, Italy

The experiences and advises you get from The Yellow Hostel Rome are epic. Yellow Hostel in Rome challenges you on Valentines Day to “Get laid, not wasted”, or to walk with a beer on your head. And you may not want to get into a fight with a female Roman legionnaire! Last but not last you can win something at Yellow Rome…wondering what you can win? Follow Yellow Hostel Rome on Instagram here to find out.

The Yellow Rome Hostel on Instagram knows how to run a hostel party!

7. Palm Tree Hostal Medellin, Colombia

The Palm Tree Hostal Medellin presents on Instagram a colourful mix of their own hostel and travelers, and the cities cultural events and sights. Follow Palm Tree Hostal in Medellin on Instagram here.

Palm Tree Hostel Medellin, Colombia, awesome Hostels in Medellin on Instagram

8. Apple Hostels of Philadelphia, USA

Apple Hostels of Philadelphia loves organizing events for their travelers, and they love to show this on Instagram ! Get an idea of the events and the Apple hostels in Philadelphia USA by checking them out on Instagram here.

Apple Hostel Philadelphia is an awesome american Hostel on Instagram

9. Kipps Brighton, England

The Kipps Hostel in Brighton presents you their cool events in a collage-design. But be careful: don’t watch their gallery when you are hungry! Cheese Toasties, Bruschetta Nights, Piña Colada Cocktails, Fruit Crumbles, … this listing could be endless! Check out the easy-going, experience-loaded Instagram Gallery of Kipps Hostel Brighton here.

Kipps Hostel Brighton on Instagram - awesome Hostel in Brighton

10. X Hostel Alicante, Spain

Party, Fun, Pub Crawls, Tequila, Beach – X Hostel Alicante shows you how to rock Alicante! Follow X Hostel Alicante on Instagram here.

Party in Alicante - the X Hostel Alicante is your place to stay in Alicante!

Last but not least: Gomio Hostels on Instagram

Well, we have to mention ourself as well, don’t we?! Gomio presents you awesome Hostels on Instagram as well as beautiful travel photography. Follow Gomio on Instagram here.

awesome Hostels on Instagram

Did we miss any other awesome Hostel on Instagram? Then don’t hesitate and tell us!

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