How it works - FAQ

Thanks for your interest in Here is important information regarding our business that you may be interested in reading it.

1. General Information

1. What is is a social connection site and booking portal for young adults to make reservations at youth hostels around the world. Our company is currently based in Barcelona, and has an office in New York City.

1.2 I forgot my login

No worries! You can get your login details back at any time by using the following link:

1.3 Booking process and notifications

The bookings are automatically confirmed in We send an automatic email to the customer and the hostel. Please note that we can't guarantee that the email will reach your server correctly, so you have to check the Gomio Management System (backoffice) often to be sure that you don't have bookings pending to be processed.

Once the booking is confirmed, the hostel has to honour the booking as stipulated in our Terms & Conditions:

Changes in the reservations and cancellations are directly managed between the customer and the hostel. Gomio does not take part in the booking after the confirmation.

Please note that Gomio highly recommends using a PMS (Property Management System) and a Channel Manager to manage your bookings and availability through the different Channels. In case you do not have this technology, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you to get the best software which fits to your needs.

2. Registration and Listing in

2.1 How can I register my property in

The registration in is free of charge. To register your property, please fill in this registration form with the details of your hostel.

Our team will check your registration and proceed to activate your account in You will receive an email with the login details once your registration is approved. Please note that the registration can take between 2 and 10 working days. We will contact you back with the status of your registration as soon as it is reviewed.

2.2 What are the requirements to become a Gomio member?

Gomio reserves the right to approve and deactivate accounts at any time. We are a social connection and booking platform to make reservations at hostels around the world. The aim of our company is to help the hostel industry grow.

The types of property listed in our system are:

  • hostels,
  • backpacker accommodation,
  • guesthouses and camping sites,
  • mostly attracted by young people,
  • Young travellers (approx. 18 to 35 years old)

Our accommodations fit the needs of young people not just by being low cost, but also by offering many other services and facilities such as:

  • shared sleeping areas,
  • common areas,
  • kitchen for guests,
  • shared bathrooms, ...

2.3 Hostel Chain/ Group user

In case you have more than one account in, you can request to have a group user. Please specify in "Special requests/ Comments" at the moment of registration that you wish to have a group user and we will create it for you.

3. Commissions

3.1 Commissions through the portal - only 10%!

Gomio charges the traveller a 10% non-refundable deposit due immediately upon booking. This deposit reflects the commission charged to the hostel for the booking. The remaining 90% of the transaction is paid directly to the hostel upon check-in.

3.2 Commissions through Gomio's affiliate network

Our hostels can also be booked from many of our partner websites that are in agreement with We have partnerships with websites in the travel industry, hostel associations and universities. We are intensively working and expanding our affiliate network.

Once your registration is approved, your hostel will be listed in and in our affiliate network automatically.

3.3 Bookings on hostel's websites that use Gomio's Book-Now technology

Gomio offers the possibility to use our technology in your hostel website to process confirmed bookings. You can create your own Booking Interface on your own from the Gomio Management System. Additionally, feel free to contact the Gomio Team to check the latest offers for this product:

4. Gomio's sites and resources

4.1 Reservation portal:

4.2 Gomio Management System (also called backoffice, inbox or backend)

4.3 Gomio Products and Registration

4.4 Support Gomio - logos and banners

4.5 Legal information

4.6 The registration form