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Lowest Commission OTA for Hostels

For Hostels

There is simply online booking platform for hostels, and that one is Gomio.com. As a hostel owner or manager, we are delighted to invite you to register your property and becoming part of our hostel community. We also provide a set of booking tools that will improve the efficiency of your hostel and get a higher conversion rate in your website and Facebook Page. We keep the lowest commissions in the market and promote hostels versus other accommodation types. Join us and let Gomio.com manage your hostel bookings.

You can register your hostel at Gomio.com here by filling out the form to sign up.

And much more...

  • Discounts in our annual World Hostel Conferences fees.
  • Bookings through our extended affiliate network.
  • More hostel-friendly website: partial availability bookings, hostel accommodation type priority for registration, we do not accept resorts and hotels.
  • Small but accessible team: facebook, skype, email, phone, and multiple languages in support.

For Affiliates

Either you own a travel website, meta-search or blog, we offer our booking technology and XML API to process bookings in your own website.
Don't miss the opportunity to take part on the continuously growing hostel industry and get more revenue offering our fantastic hostels to all your visitors. Our hostels fit perfectly with young and budget travelers and the conversion rates are better than the average when you hit the youth audience.

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