GOMIO.COM Reservations Software

The GOMIO.COM Reservations Software is a front-office solution for hostels to manage reservations, create cleaning lists and inventories, as well as creating invoices and do book-keeping. It is based on the proven software created by ASSD, and has been tailor-made so that hostels can choose which features they want included and how the software should be set up to match the individual needs of the particular hostel.

What are the features and benefits of using the Software from GOMIO.COM?

  1. It is flexible to different types of reservations!
  2. It helps Creating Invoices!
  3. You can easily manage Cash Register and Accounting!
  4. The system Clearly Arranged Calendar Schedule!
  5. You can Control of Fixed Dates!
  6. It offers many more advantages!

From the following link, you can download a demo version of the Gomio PMS along with information regarding our Channel Manager product:


Once you have unpacked the folder, the demo PMS is contained in the Gomio Property Management software folder. To start the software please go into this folder and click on the rb.exe file.

Username: GOMIO
Password: guest

More Information

Each GOMIO.COM Reservations Software is tailor-made for the hostel who requests it. This means that the time it takes to deliver the software to the hostel will depend on the requirements that need to be met. If you would like more information on the GOMIO.COM Reservations Software please do not hesitate to contact us:

Email: info@gomio.com
Telephone: +34 93 487 96 75

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Mallorca, 257
08008 Barcelona